We offer a variety of U-bolts, Nuts, Washers, Sheet Metal Components, Turned and Grinded Parts that find diverse application in a variety of machinery. Moreover, we are well equipped to manufacture products as per the drawings provided to us by our customers. Our products are sure to match all the specifications given to us. Our total belief in excelling manufacturing quality for all our products is our guarantee of the safety and durability of all products especially when ordering for major products

Manufacturer & Exporters of  U-Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Turned and Grinded Parts, Sheet Metal Components

 -: U-BOLTS :-

Available as a catalogue item or manufactured from your drawing or sample as a one off or large production run. Available in various grades, thread types and finishes.


A - Inside length of leg

B - Inside width between legs

C - Material diameter

D - Length of thread & type
     ie. UNF, BSW, ISO, or UNC

E - Shape (see below)

* Grade, if important

Round Corner



Semi Round



We manufacture all types and sizes of U-Bolts


  • The choice of materials is determined by the required SAE Grade and the size of the material and its harden ability. We produce U-Bolts in SAE Grades 2, 3, 4 and 8.

  • Grade 2 U-Bolts are produced from cold drawn or hot rolled low carbon steels.

  • Grade 3-UBolts are produced from cold drawn medium carbon steels.

  • Grade 5 U-Bolts are produced from a carbon manganese alloy steel. All grade 5 and 8 U-Bolts are heat treated.

To produce our SAE grade 5 and 8 U-Bolts we heat treat them to produce the mechanical properties specified under the SAE grading.




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